The Melbourne Zen Centre runs regular zazen (seated meditation) meetings open to anyone who is interested. Whether you are new to zen or have had some prior experience, please feel free to come and sit. At MZC we follow a clear and simple form of practice without expounding ideas or beliefs.

Our main venue (Bull Water Zendo) is a dedicated space in the front room of a suburban house in East Malvern, SE of the Melbourne CBD. Meetings at Bull Water Zendo are hosted by Mushin (4th from left).

Please see below for a list of our activities and always check our calendar or visit our meetup site here.

Here is a list of the meetings currently offered:

Monday Evening Zazen 7.30pm-9pm at Bull Water Zendo: weekly formal Zen practice comprising 2 Zazen periods, Kinhin, Heart Sutra and Tea (suggested Dana $1 – $5).

Friday Evening Zazen 6pm-7pm at The Abbotsford Convent: weekly Zen practice but more informal than Monday nights.

Sunday Morning Zazen, usually on the first and third Sundays of the month. Time and location can vary so please check our calendar page.

From time-to-time we hold a full day of intensive practice. Once again, keep your eye on our calendar page for date, time and location.